Strategic & Director Support

Non-executive director services

No matter what the size of your SME, adding a “non-executive” or “independent” person to your management team can be absolutely invaluable.

An FD Analytical, non-executive can draw experience from a huge range of other similar businesses and industries to help support and advise you and your business. Using a non-executive can ensure that you receive a truly honest opinion on your business, which is incredibly difficult to receive “in house” from employees of the business.

Business owners frequently remark that they require a “frank”, “open” and honest “sounding board” on their business and ideas – this is exactly what our non-executives provide.

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Virtual Finance Director

Many SME’s do not have sufficient funds or needs to employ a full time finance director, the cost of doing so is often too burdensome and in reality there may not be a requirement for a full time finance director.

But, if you look at most mid-sized and larger companies, almost all of them will have a finance director – Why? Because they are aware of the value that can be added by having a finance director as a part of the team.

FD Analytical offers a virtual FD service which will support your business in the same way an “in house” FD would, but on a basis that your business requires it.

Our FD service will work alongside with your in house finance team, to compliment what you already have and never challenge or undermine your current finance or accounts team.


Benchmarking business and industry

Many business owners, understandably, owner have access to their own business and financial performance; if business is growing, the owner deems to business to be doing well, if business is declining the owner deems it to be poorly performing – but what about what other businesses in your industry are doing?

If your business is growing whilst others in the industry are declining then you may well be increasing market share at the expense of your competitors, alternatively, if your business is declining, it may be due to competitors increasing their market share at your expenses – don’t be caught by surprise, constantly monitor what is going on in your industry and what competitors are doing.

FD Analytical will set up a set of key performance indicators to monitor the performance of you and your peers.


Preparing your business for sale

Depending on your specific circumstances the sale of your business could be one of the biggest moments of your life – entrepreneurs often describe their businesses as their “babies” so preparing such a business for sale can be huge.

FD Analytical can help plan the sale process and timescale for your business and help to plan when the “best” time for a sale may be. We can also advise on how the market is currently performing in terms of buying businesses within your sector and what multiple the market is currently paying.

FD Analytical has been involved in the sale of businesses within the UK up to individual values of £17m+

If you would like to understand more, about what you should consider if you are planning to sell your business contact us today