About Us

Our mission statement

To complete statutory obligations as efficiently as possible – completed correctly on time, every time. To relieve SME’s of this statutory burden and enable us to support ambitious SME’s in their quest for growth and development with true, commercial financial support, which has previously only been available to elite and larger corporate organisations. SME’s  and entrepreneurs in the UK are some of the most dynamic and ambitious in the world, our role is to assist in supporting this exceptional talent.

Adam Carter is the Director of FD Analytical and is both a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant – a unique balance of skills, which enables FD Analytical to provide supreme technical financial and commercial services and support to its clients.

Having held some of the most senior accountancy and finance positions within UK and International FTSE 100, NYSE and unlisted PLC companies, Adam has a unique perspective on providing accountancy services to UK entrepreneurs and businesses.

FD Analytical was formed in 2008 following Adam’s own frustrations with typical UK accountants, who have often never experienced working within UK businesses and therefore often struggled to provide genuine support and advice.

Following over a decade of working with and within organisations and companies FD Analytical really understand what small & medium sized businesses (“SME’s”) require and need from an accountant – and it is often much more than a set of financial accounts and a tax return.

“SME’s require financial statements and tax returns simply because they are legal requirements, we seek to take these services to a significantly higher level, with satisfying legal requirements being the bare minimum! What about helping a business to grow through business plannning, access to funding & grants, providing financial information that enables businesses to develop and progress? Helping businesses to control cashflow and costs to reduce the worry and anxiety of business owners? Truly supporting business owners to achieve their obectives, whether that be generating a sufficient annual salary and income for the individual or growing a business for eventual sale. Surely, these are services that truly add value to UK businesses?”

FD Analytical – Expert taxation, accounting and commercial advice, delivered in a friendly, supportive way.

Why not take 60 minutes out of your day to discuss your business with us and how we can transform your current accountancy services.